Our programming process involves working with the client to establish a clear understanding of the clients wants and needs in both written and visual form.  It also involves site analysis, project cost and feasibility analysis, zoning analysis, private entity restriction analysis, and identification of project delivery method.

Our process is structured around the traditional phases of architecture: programing, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding and contract negotiation, and construction administration.  We keep our clients actively involved in each phase of the process and insure that they have a thorough understanding of the design throughout the course of the project.

Design Development

Our design development phase involves taking the schematic design work and translating it from pen and paper to state of the art computers and CAD software.  We further develop the design integrating programing data and active comments from the client producing preliminary construction documents.  These preliminary construction documents are further refined with the client and project team until requirements are met.  We also commence interior design during this phase.​

Schematic Design

Our schematic design phase involves translating all the data obtained in the programing phase to paper.  This generally includes adjacency diagrams, area schematics, preliminary floor plans, preliminary site plans, and building massing studies of various types depending on the specific project’s needs.

Construction Administration

The construction administration phase involves responding to any requests for information, providing supplementary instructions, review of shop drawings, review of change orders, review contractors applications for payment, and record changes to the contract documents when needed.

Construction Documents

Our construction document phase involves completing the actual construction documents to be used in the permitting process, bidding and negotiation, and construction of the project.  We also complete the project specifications and commence the permitting process, and any homeowners association design review process.

Bidding and Contract Negotiation

The bidding and negotiation phase involves working with the client through the invitation to bid, responding to any requests for information, contractor selection, and contract review.