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Jennifer Kasprzycki, Assoc. AIA

Partner / Architectural Designer

Jennifer Kasprzycki, a founding partner at Kasprzycki Designs, is an architectural designer specializing in schematic design, space planning, and design development. She also helps develop drawings and specifications during the construction document phase.

From a very early age, Jennifer's parents encouraged her creative expression. She loved to imagine, create, and use drawings to communicate ideas. With a love of art, puzzles and problem solving, she has always had an innate ability to organize and optimize the use of space.

Her interest in art evolved into a fascination of design and the built environment. On weekends she and her mother would explore job sites and observe a house becoming.  Jennifer would imagine the spaces complete.  She loved seeing the bare “Bones” of the house… the raw skeleton that reveals where all the strength and integrity comes from and how all the parts really tie together.  She got to see the secrets of how it was all connected before these bonds were hidden with gyp board or paneling or brick.  


Today, Jennifer finds herself deeply fulfilled because every day she gets to do what she loves.  Inspired by her clients and relying on fundamental principals of art and design, she begins each project with sound research and a call to thoroughly understand the constraints of the project.


With a refined awareness of proportions and balance Jennifer develops space layout that is precisely tuned to the project program and clients needs.  She says, “When I’m in the flow the design unveils itself to me. I connect with the clients' needs and the design unfolds. The design becomes a being of its own and all its parts must feel like they belong together and every part must play its role to support the function of the whole. I can feel it in my gut when the design is flowing, in balance and beautiful and thoughtfully resolved.”


Jennifer graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of North Carolina - Wilmington with a BA in Art and a BA with Honors in Religion. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society and the American Institute of Architects.

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