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Atom Kasprzycki, AIA

Partner / Principal Architect


Growing up in a family of artists, Atom has been around creation and expression all his life.  As a boy Atom spent most of his free time in his father’s woodshop around exotic hardwoods and power tools, watching his father work, and learning how to turn raw material into fine pieces of woodwork and art.  In addition, long family weekends at his uncle's mountain house introduced Atom to color and impressionism.  As he wandered the gardens he often found his uncle working en plein air on large oil paintings in the morning sunlight.  These experiences were fundamental influences on Atom’s career path in the construction and architecture industry.  


Atom started at the bottom in construction, learning and working his way up, he eventually obtained his general contractors license.  Atom continued his professional development, shifting his focus to architecture.  He apprenticed under mentor architects and structural engineers, studied, and eventually became a licensed architect.  An inspirational FAIA member once expressed great appreciation and respect for Atom's path to licensure stating that this was “…the traditional way one became an architect in Europe for centuries…” and that "…there was no replacement for learning, working, and developing your skill in the architecture studio…”.  


Atom is an active AIA member, former chapter president, and has been a featured presenter at AIA educational events sharing his knowledge and techniques with the architecture community.  Atom utilizes his creativity, knowledge, and years of experience as the foundation for leading the design team.  Albeit versed in traditional and contemporary design, Atom’s true passion is modern architecture.  Clean lines, precision, interplay of natural light in space, and an affinity for the inherent abilities of material, are all modes that drive Atom in the architecture studio.

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